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You can download and use MA-Table for free, if you are using this software for personal purposes only. You must get legitimation for a new installed software via a single internet contact (once only). This is necessary to guarantee the copyrights and to count installed versions (number of users). The MA-Table program displays an special code (numbers). The code contains random components, the date of creating the code, language of the user and components to check, which give the possibility to deny codes, which don't come from MA-Table program. It is possible to get a full license for MA-Table.

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1.) Use a Microsoft Windows™ 32-Bit System (Win95 and higher)
2.) Please check and guarantee, that you have full administrator rights for the computer,
      on which you are going to install MA-Table.
3.) The entire software is provided in two parts (data base and software) both as ZIP-file.
      You have to download both.
4.) Install data base system <1> in a first step. The second step is to install the
      MA-Table software <2>. Start always with setup.exe! If MA-Table was already installed
      (e.g. older version, you are going to make an update), then you will only need to install
      the software <2> with 2.5 MByte (recommended to reinstall in advance).

     Current Version: 2.10      (01/17/2015)

<1>           Data Base System /ZIP (4.4 MByte !)    
<2>           MA-Table Software /ZIP (4.1 MByte !)    


Version 2.xx (01/17/2015)
- Installer now for 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows, Windows7 compatibile and higher
- better support for wide-screen displays and multi screen environment
- some improvements in User Interface
- some functionality extensions
- improvements with database
- general bug fixing

Version 1.70 (08/30/2009)
- general bug fixing
- some improvements

Version 1.60 (12/10/2008)
- smart face lifting
- general bug fixing
- improved data base
- extremly reduced advertising also in non-licenced version
- specimen composer input also via element symbols (and atomic numbers as well)
- storage of different composed element sets with the opportunity to load selected sets later
- spectra load for comparison
- choice of alternative detector contact materials
- optional simulation of Pile-Up effect

Version 1.52 (04/20/2008)
- general bug fixing

Version 1.51 (12/01/2007)
- general bug fixing

Version 1.49 / 1.50 (09/21/2007 & 10/13/2007)
- general bug fixing

Version 1.40 / 1.42 (03/03/2007 & 03/17/2007)
- general bug fixing
- Extension of Composer with up to 30 elements
- Computation of Minimum Detection Limits (MDL) and analysis depth also for Composer

Version 1.33 (01/05/2007)
- general bug fixing
- error-removal particularly in computation of detection limits
- a new button for the manual (+ possibility to include directly the PDF-manual)
- less restrictions for not-licensed version with spectra simulation

Version 1.25 (07/06/2006)
- bug fixing
- input with atom% is possible in Composer

Version 1.22 (03/29/2006)   
- An additional 'Composer' gives the possibility to simulate a realistic spectrum of a specimen
   with up to 10 elements with free input of concentrations.
- The influence of excitation, specimen tilt, acquisition time, count rate, resolution and other
   conditions are possible to investigate in their influence to line hights and detection limits for
   all possible specimen in Scanning Electron Microscope.
   more information >>>

Version 1.21 (03/09/2006)
- bug fixing
- Installation together with MA-Navigator (-> Info (in preparation))

Version 1.20 (12/29/2005)
- Moseley-plot of all line energies
- PopUp menus
- new display options and functions of spectra simulation:
         lines on background (with/without broadening due to spectrometer)
         logarithmic display of spectra
         display of marks at critical absorption energies
         Reset spectra display (after mouse based zoom)
- revised atomic data base

Version 1.13 (07/18/2005)
- Some problems with free of charge registration are solved.

Version 1.12 (06/09/2005)
- some removals of inadequacies
- advertisement breaks during run of not-licensed version do not lead to the loss of the current
   focus during inputs (e.g. element search via energy)
- with continued running time of the program advertisement comes more rarely
   (-> it makes sense to let MA-Table constantly run in the background)
- MA-Table can be set for autostart in the window "Settings"
   (automatic activation with each Windows start)

Version 1.10 (03/03/2005)
- calculation of mass absorption coefficients for all elements and absorption in a selectabel layer thickness
- new icon for direct call of spectra simulation
- the primary electron energy is possible to change even with two element simulation
   without the need to select the overlay-element once again
- new functions are included in spectrum settings window for selecting current element (scrolling)
- Calculation of detection limits with choice 'predefined beam curent'
   (only until now) or 'predefined countrate'
- function to calculate the overvoltge for all simulated lines (excitation) and of the mean emission
   depth of X-rays (EPMA) with consideration of excitation, absorption and geometrical conditions
- a set of little changings and improvements
- limitations for spectra simulation for not licensed software
   (only Cu,Ag and Au are usable for the overlay element, limitation of total number of
   elements for spectra simulations in one program run)

Version 1.06 (02/26/2004)
- some little improvements to switch faster between different MA-Table windows

Version 1.05 (02/10/2004)
- the main line in a series is highlighted with a color
- program searches for overlaps and peaks of Ll- and Mz-lines instead La/Ma,
   if these lines are more dominant in comparison to the alpha
- revision of atomic data base, taking into account the recent works of:
         M.Wendt, Microchimica Acta 139 (2002) 195-200
         A.Aßmann, M.Wendt, Spectrochimica Acta, Part B 58 (2003) 711-716


Registration without any fees:

Conditions to use:

The MA-Table software is available without fees only for personal use of an individual. There is no permission to use MA-Table for other purposes (business, teaching, etc.), but for individual exploration. The copiright owner has the right, to cancel this permission to use MA-Table with a code without any further fees (at any time). The permission is canceled simply, if the copyright owner doesn't provide the code via the internet.

Not all functions are usable in the free of charge version:

     - limited number of elements for spectra simulation in a single program run
     - simulation of overlayed elements only for the elements Cu, Ag and Au
     - editing of data base
     - using a changed data base
     - copying and store of data
     - copying, store and printing of simulated spectra images
     - display of calculated spectra in a window with full display size
     - change of background color of spectra display
     - change of detector detail parameters for spectra simulation

Furthermore there are temporary windows with labels for the status 'for personal use only' and with advertisements. These advertisement windows are displayed 'on top' of all other windows programs. If the table is switched off (the icon bar of MA-Table is displayed only), then the advertisement will be suppressed. Then the program can be active together with other Windows programs without disturbing advertisement messages:

MA-Table software icon- bar

Request for automatic return of legitimation code without any fees

The last state of MA-Table display is stored, if you are going to close the program. Nothing is speaking against using the MA-Table program in Windows autostart-folder. In this case you will have every times MA-Table stand by via icon-bar. The most quick way to MICROANALYST.NET with all contents and information is, to klick at icon-bar central button.


Getting a full license:

If you have the wish to get a full licensed access to MA-Table software without any restrictions, you should take contact directly to request for the conditions...

  MA-Table License

Individual persons can puchase now the MA-Table license directly in MA Online-Shop (payment with credit card):

MA Online-Shop  


MA-Table / short manual:

There you will find a short manual for MA-Table. The driving with MA-Table is intuitive and needs no knowledge of menus. You will get an overview of all functions, if you are going to start the built-in Demo. Demo is working immediately and without any needs for registration or even full licensed legitimation.

Manual MA-Table / FAQ's   

Microanalysis and EDX Guide