Discussion about microanalysis with EDX

Forum tutorial:

This is an introduction, how to use the forum efficiently. You should open the forum-window to try all possibilities immediately. Then the forum is displayed in a second window. To change between forum and the text of tutorial, please use |Alt| |Tab| or you change the main browser-window into the partial-size view and arrange both windows for parallel view.
   ESMA und EDX Forum    forum-window to try features

1. Display options:
    [Topics] Topics-Overview
         The most-discussed topics are displayed in the order of the date (date of last related posting).
         It is the quick view of topics, which are discussed actively.
    [Forum] Forum-View
         The forum is displayed with tree-structure with all answers and related topics.
         Topics are ordered in reverse sequence (date of first topic-posting).
    [Recent messages]
         Only the last postings will be displayed (the most recent posting first).
         Then, the full text of last 10 postings are possible to display in one overview.
         This is the most convenient way to be always well informed about recent discussions and postings.

2. Send a new posting:
    [Write a message] Opening of a new topic
         Like usual, a new message can be created there.
         You can use nicknames. E-Mail and URL are not needed to fill-in.
         You should use the button [Preview] before posting the message with [Submit].
    [Write an answer] Posting to a given topic
         You can generate answers to topics, which are already in discussion.
         Please use this way, if you like to give answers or messages in relation to messages of other contributions.
         The way to use is equivalent to [Write a message].

3. Schreibrechte:
     Each visitor has rights for reading and writing contributions. Possibly the write right is temporarily limited because of spam-attacks. This is to protect the forum against not topic-fair garbage. If this is happened, a reading of your contribution takes place before. Then the posting will be released online into the forum (visibly) with a delay by several hours.

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