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(Description of functionality)

For what could be useful the MA-Navigator software?

Everyone knows that. In order to be able to make the job really well, one needs an abundance of individual programs at each PC or laptop. These programs are usually callable in the most diverse places. A multiplicity of confusing and error-causing clicks are necessary, makes nervous and finally reduces personal productivity.

The program MA-Navigator is the ideal tool for the solution of the problem. The necessary programs can be specified by a simple configuration and are immediately then always sorted and fast by mouse click to the hand. The Navigator offers a menu, which is when desired always on-top and which needs very little screen place. The MA-Navigator is started automatically with each system start, only if one wants it. The program window is placed automatically again at the old position.
    Often different colleagues with partly very different goals are working at analytical equipment- and device-control computers. The mA navigator is easily personalisierbar for up to 20 different persons or tasks. There are administered up to 20 program starts and 5 InterNet links (4 freely configurable) per MA-Navigator installation at the same time.


 /     ... Navigator full displayed / icon bar only

   ... call of 3 programs from all 20 (free configurable)

   ... start an internet search

   ... always 'on-top' / not always 'on-top'

   ... call the configuration

   ... close MA-Navigator

MA-Navigator 'faces':

(possibly some names are brands from MICROSOFT© and other companies)


Often asked questions (FAQ's):

What does 'Type' affect?
          The mode 'standard' starts directly an Internet search (for a user without special interests on EDX, microanalysis, and Electron Microscopes). With 'EDX type' a WWW-search is given combined with links to contents (News, discussion forum and so on).

After a start of Windows operating system MA-Navi is always launched. This is not wished or I wish to start MA-Navigator always with Windows...
          ... you have to set the mode 'Autostart' proper.

I wish to configure MA-Navi for different tasks or for several operators...
          Install MA-Navi again in different folders (directories, paths). It is also possible to copy the files 'MA_Navi.exe' and 'MA_Navi.ini' into an other directory. You have to organize the starts for different tasks (set different links from desktop to different program paths). The description of each MA-Navigator installation is easy to change (set the name of operator or the description of the task for that MA-Navi special configured). Now it is possible to set 'Autostart' individually for each MA-Navi. Then all wished MA-Navi are launched after start of Windows operating system, distinguishable due to description and due to individual position of each MA-Navi configuration on screen.

MA-Navigator cuts with own border some contents as icon-bar or in full size mode or is adjusted with too much wide scale...
          ... select full window or icon-bar mode and call the configuration setup. Now you can resize (adjust) with the fine-tuning option to proper size. The setting will saved. The reason for not proper adjusted window cuts is possibly configuration of Windows or some differences in different Windows operating systems from Microsoft™, you are using.

I want to see only the minimal window of MA-Navi to save space on my desktop (icon-bar only). For selection of a program or Internet link the full size should be visible, but only short...
          ... set the checkbox 'Automatic small...' proper and select wished time for going back to icon-bar automatically. The time always starts after last mouse move at MA-Navi. You can position MA-Navi to the button screen edge. The drop-down now is going automatically to the top. After selected seconds MA-Navi goes back to icon-bar mode and moves back to its base-position. Therefore it is easy to use MA-Navi together with Windows™ task manager:

MA-Navi is not longer visible after a start of a program or a WWW-link ...
          ... simply hit the sun-icon (is fixed in both positions) and MA-Navi is always 'on-top' over all opened program windows, ready all times to start further programs or WWW-links .

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