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   NEWS      New MA-Table version 2.10 with extended features for download!       click there...        Software for + X-ray + EDX + X-ray spectrometry + X-ray spectrometer   

The MA-Table software is available to download for free. The image of the MA-table program main window (the energy table) is now available as a poster of line energies (wall chart), critical excitation energies (absorption jumps) with keV units and with columns of element line overlaps.
   The ColorSEM software and MA-Navigator are new. The freeware MA-Navigator is a very useful tool, not only for all workers in electron microscope labs. It is the most fast and easy way to access often used programs and internet information seites, all together. They are ready to start in one menu only.

Software MA-Table   
as common image (jpg)   
as poster for Palm OS®(pdf)   
periodic chart of elements for Palm OS®(pdf)   
ColorSEM Demo and Download   
MA-Navigator Download   


... the program MA-Table:

MA-Table software for EDX

MA-Table is a very useful software to support each microanalyst with information to judge analytical problems. All visible X-ray lines (which are possible to measure with EDX) are extracted from a data base and are displayed. It is possible to search for overlaps and check the overlap situation with a displayed animation (line marks, spectra simulation). Input a peak position (line energy in keV) and the program is going to search for all elements which emit X-ray lines at that energy. Complete calculation of spectra with Bremsstrahung and more realistically statistics gives the possibility to simulate all influences of differe

MA-Table Software for Download   


... for your computer or to print out:

... Click to the image and then the complete poster is going to load (956 KByte). Then copy the picture (clip board) and insert it from the buffer to a common image program. And now print it (setup of printer with color and best quality adjust)!

... or store it directly on the non removable disk and make a direct link on your computer desktop ...





Everyone knows that. In order to be able to make the job really good, one needs an abundance of different individual programs. At the electron microscope there are programs for using the microscope, for the x-ray spectrometer and for further analytic modules. In addition programs come for the logging (text processing), image processing, image conversion and image preparation (e.g. ColorSEM). Additional aid programmes (e.g. MA Table) and utility programs of Windows are still added. These programs are usually callable in the most diverse places. Many confusing and errorpregnant clicks are necessary, is making the operator very nervous and reduces finally the personally productivity.

The program MA-Navigator is the ideal tool for the solution of the problem. The necessary programs can be specified by a simple configuration and are immediately then always sorted and fast by hand. The Navigator offers a menu, which is when desired always on-top. Very little screen place is needed. The MA-Navigator is started automatically with each system start, only if one wants it. The program window is faded in automatically again at the old position. More still, if several colleagues have to work on the same job (same machine), MA-Navigator is able to personalize for up to 20 different persons (or also for different tasks). Up to 20 program starts and 5 InterNet links are administrated at the same time for each MA-Navigator installation.

20 programs, 5 InterNet-links via click, minimum screen space,
always 'on-top', simple to configure

... an ideal addition of the Windows task manager
(some indicated designations are possibly marks of MICROSOFT© and other well-known companies)

Further information with more details is there in the manual:    Manual MA-Navigator   

From now on with each MA-Table and ColorSEM installation are installed at the same time the navigator with. If MA-Navigator is to be installed explicitly on the computer, this is possible with the following download:

If you really want to download and to install on your computer the MA-navigator, then you should click here (1.0 MByte):

Download MA-Navigator now
There was a problem in installation script. MA-Navi didn't run in most cases.
Please download again and install once more.

- MA-Naviator is already downloaded times from this site. -

MA-Navigator consists only of the file "MA_Navi.exe" and optionally "MA_Navi.ini". If both files are copied into another directory (or with a second installation into another directory), MA-Navigator is able to start from there separate and completely individually configurable (e.g. for another operator or another setting of tasks).

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