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You can purchase directly the license for the spectra simulation software MA-Table (license type: 'individuals') with credit card. This offer is only for individual persons. Furthermore there is an offer for a textbook "Standardfreie Elektronenstrahl- Mikroanalyse" for those, who are able to read a german book. The book and the license are also available as a bundle with a price benefit (at German MA Online-Shop).

If you are interested in a license for companies or institutes, please ask for the conditions.            MA-Table license


#1)    Purchase of a full license for MA-Table software (only for individual persons).

The procedure is quite simple. The name of the person will be defined as license owner. You have to type the license name into a special form of the MA-Table program only once. A special number code is in direct relation to this name. After filling in the form also with this code (only once), the closed functionality of the MA-Table program (the downloaded version for free) will be opened all times. After this procedure, the name of the license owner is displayed with each program start in a special window, very shortly. For safety the code is not visible. You should put this information to a safe place (for later installations on other or new computers).

License fee ("individuals"):     80.00 Euro

The payment is with PayPal with credit card, if you like. The protected data transfer is very safe. The shipping of the code for the MA-Table license registration will be via E-mail. You can download the software before for test purposes from internet.

License conditions (license type: "individuals"):
You are not allowed to give the individual license key code for MA-Table to other persons. This is a license for single use on one computer. Installations on other computers are expressly permitted (e.g. a laptops, a home- computer), if there is no possibility to use these computers from different persons at the same time. The permission is not given for server based installations with built-in possibility of multiple user access.

With the order to get the MA-Table license-key the orderer himself declares to be in agreement with the license conditions:

The MA-Table License (80.00 Euro), purchase now:

#2)   Book "Standardfreie Elektronenstrahl- Mikroanalyse" (available only in German)

German MA Online-Shop